I was at the Braintree Farmers Market this past Saturday and tasted your sauce...OMG...I was sold! So happy I bought a large jar! I just made 4 mini eggplant parms in loafs pans and used the sauce with fresh mozz and fresh eggplant!! Thanks for a great natural product!! ~Deb A.  

One spoonful of Foss Sauce at SOWA yesterday and I was sold! As close to Nana's "gravy" as I've ever tasted! Took me home again! ~Jude M.  

I have known Chef Foss for almost 20 years. I met him while he was creating a menu for the Sun Ridge Canyon Golf Club 20 years ago.. The man created some of the most amazing, creative and insightful menu's without sparing detail for flavor and experience. Chef Doug was kind enough to share his skills for a Birthday Celebration and created a food stand a Chef Staging area out of Drift Wood and Stone he hand selected from the Arizona Desert. The presentation and the Menu were out of this world! Chef Foss is a World Class Talent that has studied and applied the passion he has for his family and friends to his God given talent with the most intricate and simple fare. Chef Foss can take a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich and present it Grilled with a hint of butter magic to make the most mundane item spring to life. His Lamb, is a savory delight. Chef Foss, you are a dear friend to the Hale Family as you know... Your talents and Gifts are shared today with Laguna Beach and our local friends. Thank you for allowing me to order some of your Spicy Marinara Sauce. The sauce was received and we have been sharing it with friends and family the way you would if you were here... Cheers to you and your Family! Hope to have you out to Southern California soon!  ~The Hale Family.

My grandmother has not stopped RAVING about this delicious sauce!! For years, she has been unable to eat ANY tomato sauce because of the acidity. She recently visited a Farmers' Market in Chatham and purchased one jar and fell in love! She squeezed four meals out of that first jar and rushed back to the same market today to get more jars! Absolutely delicious!!! Thank you, Chef Foss!!!  ~Alyssa B.

Foss Farms Products are as fresh as Grandmas right out of the dirt direct to your kitchen. 

Fresh... Quality...  Unique...  

Made from the heart of REAL People.

The Foss family Rocks... 5 Stars only cause i can't choose 10 stars. ~Mike V

Foss sauce is fantastic!  ~Nancy D.

The BEST sauce!  ~Susan C.

Foss sauce is the best! Just had it for the first time! I will be getting more! ~Susan F.

Got sauce today and could have eaten the whole jar with a spoon. Absolutely fabulous!!  ~Darlene S.

La meilleure sauce tomate du Monde!!! ~Jocelyn B.

Great tasting sauce!! Like its right from the garden. Made with all natural healthy organic ingredients.  ~Scott C.

Foss Farms hits the bullseye every time. Their food is healthy, delicious, and made with passion and love. 5-star, the golden standard of cooking!  ~Courtney C.

How can you not love Foss Farms! Catered a party all the way here in Vegas for me and people still talk about the food! Love them, in more ways then one!  ~Audra K.

Foss Farms is fantastic!  Stephen P.

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