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Interested in ordering one of our Foss Farms Products?  Here is what you need to know.

We would love to get our sauces (both marinara and hot sauce!) in every person's hands, but have found that the cost to ship our sauce is INCREDIBLY high.  The cost of the marinara jars are $8 for our 16 oz and $12 for our 32 oz, but please note if shipped, then ADD ON approximately $10 per 16 oz jar and $20 per 32 oz jar!  We think our sauce is worth it, but understand that this is a high shipping cost.  If you are still interested, please contact us to place the order.

In the meantime, if you would like to purchase our sauce between farmer's markets & events, please visit one of the

retail locations that carry Foss Farms Marinara Sauce or you can set up delivery/pick up using the link below.

Tomato Watercolor.png



"My grandmother has not stopped RAVING about this delicious sauce!! For years, she has been unable to eat ANY tomato sauce because of the acidity. She recently visited a Farmers' Market in Chatham and purchased one jar and fell in love! She squeezed four meals out of that first jar and rushed back to the same market today to get more jars! Absolutely delicious!!! Thank you, Chef Foss!!!"  ~Alyssa B.  
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